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06.27.2010 Posted 5:34 pm

The Game of Life

I am happy to report that my stomach is feeling much better and I actually was able to get to the gym today for a quick workout. I have been so preoccupied with healing from my stomach woes and focusing on battle 6 that I actually forgot that I had chemo this past Tuesday. The good news is that it has hardly affected me…no nausea, no fatigue. Let’s hope it stays this way. I head back for my 2nd chemo treatment this coming Tuesday.
Dave and I have been watching a ton of the World Cup. I am so happy that if we had to get upsetting news about my health we received it during the World Cup. It is a great distraction and it makes me happy to see Dave obsessed with the games. Dave and I travelled to Germany in 2006 and Korea/Japan in 2002 to attend the World Cup and Dave had gone to the 2 tournaments before that (In the US and France). …

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06.23.2010 Posted 2:52 pm

The Latest (and not so greatest) News

We often talk about how life can change on a dime and only those who choose to live truly in the present can find real happiness. This sentiment could not have been any more true this past Sunday. We went from a fantastic weekend in the Hamptons to the Urgent Care facility in less than 12 hours.
Jen was recovering from surgery very well (10 weeks now). However, she had severe stomach pains on Sunday that wouldn’t go away so we came to the hospital at midnight. What we thought would be a quick visit (they never are), wound up being a 4-day investigation.
Turns out that although unrelated to the stomach pains, we found out Jen’s cancer is back for a sixth time, and we started an aggressive chemo regimen immediately. As always, we are optimistic, however to have a recurrence so quickly after surgery is not the news we were hoping for.
To try and inject some humor into this series of events, we decided to answer some of your likely …

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06.15.2010 Posted 8:46 pm

In Honor of National Survivorship Day

June 16th is National Cancer Survivors Day, a day to honor the survivors that have fought or are fighting this disease. I will be celebrating at Memorial Sloan-Kettering where over 500 survivors will be gathering to share stories and to toast to all that we have learned throughout our journeys.
In honor of the day, I thought it best to post some of the stories from survivors themselves. These stories were taken from the LiveSTRONG website. I have spent HOURS reading them. Every person has their own unique tale and each one demonstrates a test of grit, courage and hope. I am humbled by the “group” I am a part of…
“As strange at it may sound so to some, cancer was actually a positive experience for me. It made me step outside my comfort zone, it made me realize how special my family is, and it brought me some of the best friends I’ve ever had. I will NEVER forget those who sat next to me in those treatment chairs week …

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06.2.2010 Posted 10:34 am

Jen Skydiving with U.S. Army – 2000

I have been doing a lot of thinking about fear lately. Not necessarily because I have a lot of it but because I am starting to work on my personal “branding” (more of that to come in future blog posts). My core message really focuses on how I believe fear can be much more paralyzing than freeing and that it actually gets in the way of productivity and happiness. I looked up the word fearless in the dictionary and naturally, the definition states that it is living in a state of “no fear”. I thought that was odd because it is not possible to live without fear. EVERYONE has fear in their lives and fear, in fact, is quite a healthy thing if you don’t let it get the better of you and debilitate the quality of your efforts. I actually think that people who are truly fearless are people who “fear less” because they are willing to confront their fear and embrace it versus deny that it is there.
I …

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