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09.30.2011 Posted 12:29 pm

“I cycle for Jen…” – Dave Linn

A message from Dave Linn…
Hello, Fearless Friends.  As Jen often said, we sometimes can’t control what happens to us, but we almost always have the ability to choose how we react to it. 
When faced with the incredible challenge of a recurrent and debilitating illness, Jen chose not to feel sorry for herself.  Instead, she dedicated her life to helping the millions of other patients affected by these so-called rare cancers. 
And now, when faced with the challenge of having lost my wife, I am choosing not to be overcome with despair (although as you can imagine, I of course have my moments of sadness).  Instead, I am trying to follow Jen’s example and dedicate my life to making sure others don’t suffer like she did. 
Today, I ask you to join me in that journey with 1 simple step – REGISTER NOW FOR CYCLE FOR SURVIVAL 2012. 
If you’d like to honor Jen’s memory, registering today is without a doubt the absolute best thing you can do.  Registration is open, and there is …

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