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In Honor of National Survivorship Day

June 16th is National Cancer Survivors Day, a day to honor the survivors that have fought or are fighting this disease. I will be celebrating at Memorial Sloan-Kettering where over 500 survivors will be gathering to share stories and to toast to all that we have learned throughout our journeys. In honor of the day, I thought it best to post some of the stories from survivors themselves. These stories were taken from the LiveSTRONG website. I have spent HOURS reading them. Every person has their own unique tale and each one demonstrates a test of grit, courage and hope. I am humbled by the "group" I am a part of... "As strange at it may sound so to some, cancer was actually a positive experience for me. It made me step outside my comfort zone, it made me realize how special my family is, and it brought me some of the best friends I’ve ever had. I will NEVER forget those who sat next to me in those treatment chairs week after week" "I am a 25 year bone marrow transplant survivor. Diagnosed with CML, a form of leukemia, in April 1984 at age 24. I was not expected to make it to Christmas. Today, I continue to do well and recently celebrated by 50th birthday. Thank you to my donor (my little brother Dan) and my doctors." "Actually I never did like the word survivor. It is either a bad T.V. show or someone who washed up on shore after a boat wreck. I go with thriver. In the big picture it does not really matter. What matters is that we are thankful for everyday and we remember those that have past on from cancer." "Three years ago I heard the best words I could imagine: 'Michael, it’s my joy and pleasure to tell you the best news a person in your situation can get. Your operation was successful, we removed all the cancer identified and none of the 17 tissue tests we took from your body has revealed any signs of cancer. Combined with results from all the early scans, we now declare you cancer free!" "Two years ago I was diagnosed with carcinoid cancer. Treatable but not curable at this point. It rocked my world but it also gave me a new love for life. I started riding my bike again, lost 35 pounds and got myself as healthy as I’ve ever been. Today to honor all cancer survivors I am doing a 30 mile solo ride with two massive hills, lots of curves, straightaways and suprizing potholes. I will smile and wave at everyone along the way and make sure I take time to look at all the beautiful scenery around me." "My wife of 22 years, Margaret Reddington, is a 22 year Breast Cancer Survivor. Cancer took away her ability to have children and disfigured her body, but it never broke her spirit. We even adopted a little girl from China 10 years ago. I have a lot of heroes like Arnold, Lance, Patton, Mark Duda, and Coach Mike Ditka, but she is my ultimate hero because I was with her through all of the operations, the chemo twice, radiation, and the vomiting, the complete loss of all of her hair twice, people making fun of her, everything, but nothing ever broke her spirit. In fact as each event happened I think it just pissed her off and made her more determined than ever to beat the disease. She is my number one Hero and I look up to her!!!" "A year ago I was getting my second round of chemo for testicular cancer and could barely sit up for any length of time. Today I wrapped up teaching a 5 day photo workshop in Yosemite, sharing my love and passion for photography. I’ve been in remission since September, and by God’s grace I’ll stay that way. I am grateful for the lessons cancer taught me. My life is better now than it has ever been." "Enjoying the very moment, a momentous moment. I felt grateful and appreciative, but also shouted out loudly in my typical fashion: 'I am still here, you fucker!”