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01.28.2011 Posted 4:49 pm

Partnering with my Disease

With a few weeks to go, Cycle for Survival has ALREADY surpassed last year’s total of $2.4MM. Now is the time to really make an impact. Please donate, any amount, at or directly to my team at
As many of you know, I am willing to try almost anything within reason to rid myself of the cancer that invades my body. Over the years I have tried acupuncture, reflexology, reiki and cranial massage, yoga, meditation and nutritional supplements. The only thing I remember actively refusing was a very invasive “turbo greens” enema concoction (I think I’ll pass!).
Lately, I have started working with a healer. When people ask me what she “does”, I have a hard time explaining…she just makes me feel like I am empowered to get rid of my cancer. Her whole philosophy is that you have the ability to heal yourself of any disease that has entered your body.
She describes her work as alternative, energy “medicine” –  deep trauma and cellular release of disease from the …

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01.24.2011 Posted 10:44 pm

Cycle for Survival is in Times Square!!!

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01.24.2011 Posted 4:54 pm

Happy 40th to a Very Special Friend

Cycle for Survival has already raised over $2.2MM with a few weeks to go! If you haven’t donated already, please donate to my team at

Chemo cycle #5 has been OK. The first week is always the hardest when I am taking the oral pills right after the IV drip. However, beyond constant stomach issues and feeling a bit like I am coming down with the flu, I am hanging in there.

I have managed to go to the gym every single day for my 20 minute workout and slowly but surely I feel like I am getting stronger,

Dave and I were so thrilled to be able to attend our dear friend Sharon's birthday this past weekend. I have known Sharon since business school and she has been with me (and Dave) through thick and thin. Her compassion and loyalty are unparalleled and we are truly blessed to have her in our lives.

So, what better way to celebrate than to roast her with a dirty song!?! Check …

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01.20.2011 Posted 2:43 am

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Weekend

Cycle for Survival has already raised over $2MM with a few weeks to go! If you haven’t donated already, please donate to my team at
This will be a short but sweet blog post since I am running out the door to begin chemotherapy cycle #5. Let me set the context for how special our weekend at Duke was…
I have been feeling really great since I left the hospital last week. I think that I am hitting a turning point in my treatment.  The tumors are continuing to shrink and I am slowly but surely getting some energy and strength back.
We visited my oncologist the morning we were scheduled to leave. My doctor looked at my files and said, “I see you have a big birthday coming up in March, what are you going to do for it?”  I looked at him and said, “You know Dr. Maki, I am just thrilled to be here.  Back in October/November, I really didn’t think I was going to make it to …

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01.14.2011 Posted 5:40 pm

Latest Cycle for Survival Public Service Announcement

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01.12.2011 Posted 6:56 pm

A Week of Zigs and Zags

Hi everyone! I made a little trip to urgent care on Sunday because I was vomiting and had bad stomach cramps. We were concerned that I had a bowel obstruction which apparently my surgeon claims is “The crappy consolation prize for having 6 abdominal surgeries.”
The good news is that the issue worked itself out on its own and it never became too serious. I just had to spend 3 days in the hospital unexpectedly without food or water and became very cranky! But I did milk the hospital for all of their “extra services” and got a foot massage and a private guided meditation session!
While I was in the hospital, it was wonderful to catch up with so many nurses, doctors, technicians and social workers who are all participating in Cycle for Survival. It warms my heart that the hospital has truly gotten behind this event. In fact, one of the teams of nurses brought me a flyer that they had made advertising a happy hour that they are hosting …

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01.8.2011 Posted 7:57 pm

Observing Rather than Absorbing

I am getting a blood transfusion right now in the day hospital at MSKCC. I am feeling really good these past few days (knock on wood) but my energy levels (hemoglobin) were a bit low so I decided to get a transfusion so I can feel extra strong.
I have a big week coming up…in addition to getting a CT Scan and heart tests to confirm that the chemo continues to be effective, Dave and I are hoping to take my nephew Ben to Duke this coming weekend for the Duke/UVA game at Cameron Indoor Stadium. So, I must rest up!
Thanks to everyone who enjoyed my dance video! My nephew Shaun who doesn’t mince words said, “I liked the video Jen but I don’t think you would make it on Dancing with the Stars!” I’ll show him!
Apparently I have been dancing too much and not eating enough (hard to believe as I ate pizza and brownies last night). I am officially the 98 lb weakling. I couldn’t believe it when I …

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