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Monthly Archives: August 2009

08.30.2009 Posted 12:49 pm

I Know You Mean Well But…

As many of you know, I have been toying around with the idea of writing a humorous, small book that shares all of the annoying, insensitive or inappropriate things that people have said to me over the past 5 years. The title of the book would be I Know You Mean Well But…because I genuinely believe that people have good intentions. They often get flustered and rather just say something sweet and pure like “I love you and I think it stinks you have to deal with this,” they try to fill the airtime with silly things.
Many of my friends have joked with me over the past few years saying that they are now even more cautious about what they say around me because they don’t want to be in the book. I tell people that although no names will be mentioned, it’s my hope that people “see” themselves in the stories of the book and learn how to be even more supportive and constructive to family members and friends …

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08.9.2009 Posted 2:53 pm

Finding the Perfect Balance

The past few weeks have been jam-packed. I spent a week in California combining business with pleasure. I spent a few days visiting colleagues in Los Angeles and then flew to San Francisco for the weekend to catch up with lots of friends. It was so great to see my friends and meet so many of their children for the first time!

This trip marked my first real business travel trip since I recovered from my surgery and it felt great. Although I do notice that traveling takes a lot out of me. When I returned home on t
he following Monday, I slept over 10.5 hours to recover from the jet lag!
I am doing really well. However, I am finding that the hardest part of recovering is finding the perfect balance between “moving forward” and “remembering the past.”One the one hand, I want to move beyond the cancer and jump into new activities both feet forward.On the other hand, I find that I get overwhelmed when I have too much on …

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