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03.26.2012 Posted 4:00 am

A sparkle of fearless spirit we can all share

At Jen's service last July, I held on to every word, every recollection, and every beautiful story. And, I found that I was touched by the love that came through in every brave syllable.  Through my uncontrollable tears, I remember being particularly struck by the words that Alicia Sands, Jen's dear childhood friend, shared with everyone. As I heard her humor through her pain and felt her genuine love, I thought that all girls should only be so fortunate to experience the depth of true friendship that Alicia and Jen shared. To not only have a friendship that stood the test of time from childhood to adulthood but for it also to be so heartfelt is truly an extraordinary gift.
And so, it came as no surprise that Alicia found many very special ways to remember Jen – including the genius of developing a custom nail polish color with Opi to raise funds for Cycle for Survival. Here is a very special blog post from Alicia, whose friendship with Jen is …

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03.4.2012 Posted 10:33 am

Powerful, positive feelings from Cycle – the story of Sydney Becker

It's extraordinary to me how the impact of Jen and Dave's creation, Cycle for Survival, continues to grow.  And, when I say "impact", I am not solely referencing the incredible fundraising achievement of this year – the almost $8.2 mm that will now go straight to Memorial Sloan Kettering for cancer research.  Rather, I am talking about the human impact, the way the event makes people feel.
Over the days since Cycle this year, I have been struck by the number of people who told me how much the experience of participating meant to them.  For some, it was because they did not realize how big the event really is.  For others, it was that participating compelled them to want to do even more in coming years.  And, for others, it was simply of a feeling of hope and empowerment – that in a world that doesn't always feel influenced by the outcomes we want, we can take control and impact the future.
I wanted to share some of the reflections that …

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