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05.27.2009 Posted 12:13 pm

The Cycle Press Video is Finally Here!

After MONTHS of carefully culling through all of our footage from the 2009 Cycle for Survival Event, I am thrilled to share this press video with everyone. I am so proud of it!  Please pass along to anyone and eveveryone you know.  And PLEASE put 1/31/10 on your calendar!  

I am headed to my 10th year business school reunion in Boston this weekend where there will be a formal case discussion around the future of Cycle for Survival. Such an honor! I am very excited to hear what people think.

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05.18.2009 Posted 4:44 pm

Living with Uncertainty – The New Normal

I had a long day at the doctor’s on Friday and I will start with the good news…
Good news is that the surgery was very successful and as of today I am technically “cancer free”.  The surgeons believe they were able to remove all of the cancerous cells (that they can see) and they are happy with the progress.
Bad news is that there is no real clear “next step” (we have been in this position 3 times before so it is nothing new, just not easy to hear).  We spent hours discussing the pros and cons of more chemo. Basically, more chemo will prolong the cancer from returning but it won’t prevent if from coming back if there are any cancerous cells in my body that they can’t see.  Given that I have been through so much chemo (and my body has really been beaten down by it over the past 2 years) we have decided to stop treatment (for the time being if not hopefully forever) and just monitor …

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05.6.2009 Posted 11:28 am

The BEST Hospital Stay Ever?!?!

Does it sound odd to say that I had a great surgery and hospital stay?  Rarely do you hear the words “great” and “surgery” or “hospital” put together but as I sit at home in the comfort of my bed (bed is comfortable, finding a comfortable position in which to sit is not), I have only good memories of the past week.
The more surgeries and hospital visits you have, the more comfortable you are with the way things work.  When I headed to the hospital last Tuesday, I had no fear because

I had “been there” so many times.  Dave and I went up to the 6th floor surgical check-in center at MSKCC and Carla was very excited to see me (that’s when you know you have been there too often!). She gave me a big hug and took me through the “drill” which I could recite to her by now.
I rested before surgery with my “Zen” Ipod mix. When it came time for them to take me into the operating room, I …

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05.6.2009 Posted 10:15 am

The Final Four


As Dave shared in his blog entry right after my surgery, I have been looking for a “name” that properly summarizes my 4th relapse.  It came to me as I was leaving for the hospital at 5:30AM on the Tuesday of my surgery…THE FINAL FOUR!

My 2nd relapse was called – Second Time Around (implying that I am more mature and can handle it better than I did the first time J)

My 3rd relapse was called “3 Times the Charm” or “3 Strikes Your Out” depending on whether you look at the glass as half-full or half-empty

I have been working hard this time around at really saying “good bye” to my cancer and willing it away for good.  Although I don’t subscribe to this way of thinking, some people believe that a person brings on their own condition.  In other words, certain actions that one has taken in life might have brought on a physical condition such as cancer. 
This seems somewhat self-destructive to me. I like to say that I …

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05.3.2009 Posted 7:07 pm

Home from the Hospital

Hi. Quick update — I brought Jen home from the hospital today! She is doing very well, although it will likely take her about a month to recover physically and mentally from the surgery. She is upbeat and also very sore and uncomfortable (hooray for pain killers!) She is likely up for visitors over the coming weeks so feel free to email or call her.  She promises to write as soon as we can find a comfortable way for her to sit up and type on the computer.
– DL

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