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08.26.2011 Posted 4:49 pm

MESSAGE FROM DAVE LINN – Jumping Into New Challenges

Hi Everyone!   Many of you have checked in to see how I’m doing – thank you, I’ve been so very touched by all the support.   Apologies that I haven’t been able to get back to many of you, but that’s because I’ve been staying busy, which I think is probably a good thing.   However, since many of you asked similar questions, I thought it would be helpful for me to post an update here (along with some pictures!). 
Most of you asked me (1) how I’m doing, (2) what I’ve been up to, and (3) how we can all best carry Jen’s inspiration forward.  Those seem like pretty good topics so here it goes.  As you might know, I tend to be a bit more reserved than Jen in terms of sharing info, but in the spirit of being Fearless, I will try to put myself out there with this update.  
How I’m Doing
All things considered, I’m doing OK.  Similar to what many of you are experiencing, I …

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08.10.2011 Posted 11:52 pm

Fearless, Dancing Cycling Tour Kicks Off Today!

You Fearless embodies Jen’s philosophy: if we eradicate fear in our lives, we can live every day to its fullest potential. The more fear we remove from our lives, the more we are able to increase our confidence, productivity and happiness. Jen's video on the You Fearless home page captures this idea at its essence.
It is our hope that You Fearless continues to inspire others.  We hope to use this site to relay personal stories that embody Jen's philosophy, as You Fearless continues to have the power to motivate.  With Jen’s passing, it’s probably more important than ever for us to take her words to heart and “take fear out of the equation."  This website will become a place to celebrate people who embrace You Fearless, in the hopes that the approach can continue to change lives.
This week, Kevin Garcia, motivated by Jen's determination and spirit, has kicked off a Fearless bike ride across California.  Kevin works for a marketing agency called LeadDog that worked closely with Jen on Cycle …

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08.3.2011 Posted 5:09 pm

Speaking without Fear

To be fearless is to face life head on, to embrace each moment without worrying about what the next one will bring.   The people who spoke at Jen’s service honored Jen's fearless spirit by emulating it– speaking honestly, with raw emotion and without hesitation or fear.  The eulogies from that day offered heartfelt words to help us all celebrate the beauty of Jen’s life and the lessons she taught us, lessons we will all hopefully carry with us as we too aspire to be maybe just a little more fearless.
Some people have asked to spend time with those words, and so we offer them here.  Below you will find links to the eulogies that were offered by people who so clearly loved Jen. In addition, there are also links to obituaries written about Jen in various print and online media.
Whether you were at the service to hear the words in person or you read them here, it is clear that the emotions behind them are powerful.  One over-arching theme is …

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