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11.23.2008 Posted 4:27 pm

Farewell to a Friend

Michael Thaler,  1965-2008

I found out just the other day that someone who greatly impacted my life had passed away. Michael and I did not know each other “well” in the way that people often define friendships;
 – We met each other only one time
 – We spent less than 20 hours together in total over the course of a few days together
And I couldn’t even guess as to what his favorite color was, where he went to school etc.
However, I have learned that you can call someone “friend” by connecting with them on a deeper level – if only for a short time.  
Michael also suffered from a rare form of cancer.  We both had our surgeries at MSCKCC in July, 2007.  We wound up spending the better part of the recovery phase of our surgeries “walking the halls” and sharing stories about what we had learned from our disease.
Michael had an amazing spirit and a beautiful outlook on life.  I will miss him dearly.
What follows is a blog entry that Michael …

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