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06.15.2008 Posted 4:17 pm

A Toast to Week One


On June 6th, 2008 I became a survivor for the 3rd time!
I had what was hopefully my last round of chemotherapy EVER this past Friday. Dr. Maki said that there is no evidence to show that the chemo is continuing to provide an additional benefit and there is definitely evidence that proves the chemo is starting to have a detrimental effect on my body. I have a CT scan on the 25th of June and provided that the x-ray shows no trace of disease I will once again be released into “watchful waiting” – a period of up to 5 years where one actively monitors the body with the hopes that the disease never returns.
I had been given a “heads up” from Dr. Maki’s nurse the week prior telling me that most likely I would be ending soon. I was actually very grateful for this as the week gave me some time to think and “adjust” to this new way of managing the disease.
I have very mixed feelings about being …

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