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Monthly Archives: April 2008

04.27.2008 Posted 8:22 pm

The Novelty Has Worn Off

Hello! Sorry I have not written in a while but I have been very busy with work and fun things. The past few weeks have been crazed with lots of good things!

My mom and I went to Canyon Ranch with my friend Tina and her mom and had a great, great time! It was truly an education as well as an indulgence and we came home with lots of great tips on how to be healthy and fit. I also made a lot of “vows” about not eating processed foods which I know will wear off the minute work gets busy again 🙂
Speaking of getting busy again…I then went to Los Angeles for 3 days of work meetings. The meetings were great and I got to spend a lot of time with the actors and creators of many of the Nickelodeon shows. That was a lot of fun! For those of you who are living under a rock, the picture above is myself with the 4 stars …

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04.5.2008 Posted 2:22 pm

A Busy Week

The past few weeks have been filled with a ton of great stuff! On March 24th, I was awarded with 9 other women to be New Jersey Woman of the Year! The award was an empowerment award presented to the woman in NJ who empowers others. You might wonder how we pulled that off given that I have not lived in New Jersey for 20 years but leave it to my publicist to make it happen (aka super mom). The award ceremony was held at Drumthwacket which is the name of the Governor’s Mansion in Princeton, New Jersey. I was very touched to receive this award but even more touched by the hard work that went into getting me nominated for this award. My rock star publicist (can you believe she works for free?!?) wrote a really beautiful essay about me and Dr. Maki as well as good friends, former bosses and colleagues all contributed. It’s so gratifying to know that I make such …

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