Jennifer Goodman Linn You Fearless

Jen Can Light Up a Room with her Passion and Creativity

Jen brings her You Fearless philosophy – the belief that when we remove fear from the equation, anything is possible – to all of her client engagements. By helping her audiences channel their fears more effectively, she enables them to develop more actionable, creative ideas and gain a deeper understanding of what they want out of life.

Jen Reveals Clear, Passionate Guidelines on Reaching for and Achieving Success, both Personally and Professionally

Using the insights, inspirations and proven principles she has applied to her life and marketing career, Jen delivers results-driven speeches and workshops that help people see opportunities rather than obstacles.

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Jen is a force of nature, an extraordinary human being whose will to live and perspective on life, business and all its challenges are beyond measure. It is more than a privilege to see her in action… it is life changing.

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Jen’s Most Popular Programs

Becoming your Own Best Hope
The buck stops with you. You are responsible for the results you get. The only thing holding you back is yourself. How do you recognize the fear in your life and channel it in a way that will propel you forward versus hold you back? Jen will help you become more aware of what you might not even realize is standing in your way. She will help you develop an action plan that will motivate and inspire those around you, exceeding your expectations.

Spin Cycle
You’re spinning around uncontrollably and can’t find the exit. How do you gain command of your thinking so you can make the cycle work in your favor? How do you use your fear as a source of insight to energize your actions and liberate yourself and those around you? Jen will help you master your fear and unleash all that you unconsciously have been holding back – leading to a more inspired, empowered, creative YOU!

Sucker Punched
When life takes you by surprise you still have a choice in how you bring yourself to the experience. Jen will help you realize that when you change the way you look at a situation, the situation magically changes. You’ll learn to embrace fear and use it as a tool to help smooth the path towards your goals. You’ll grasp the personal and professional benefits of charting a new course. What you once viewed as obstacles, you’ll now see as opportunities.

Engage Jen if your organization is looking to:

  • Develop big, brand-building programs that increase consumer
    loyalty and profits
  • Motivate employees to be fearless in developing and selling
    bold, new ideas
  • Re-ignite your employee’s senses of accountability and empowerment
  • Embrace change and excel in a constantly-shifting marketplace
  • Breathe new life into traditional, “tired” strategies and re-define
    long-term goals
  • Spearhead low-cost launch plans with big results
  • Connect with your consumers through their passion points
  • Be inspired to embrace fear rather than let it inhibit your progress

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