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Monthly Archives: August 2006

08.27.2006 Posted 2:56 pm

Time Flies By When You’re Cancer Free

It’s hard to believe that the summer is almost over. I have had such a wonderful past few weeks…playing golf with friends like Meg and Vishal, going to nice dinners with good friends and family, and attending the annual Goodman summer get-away in Wildwood, New Jersey. I’ve included a picture of Dave and I with our nephews both last year and this year. We’ve all grown so much over the past year…them physically and and Dave and I emotionally.
For the past 6 years, my mother and father have taken my nephews to the Jersey Shore for one week in August. It has become an annual tradition that Aunt Jen and Uncle Dave come to visit every time for the last few days. The weather is always beautiful and we always have such a wonderful time playing football and building castles in the sand, and going on rides on the boardwalk at night. This summer was no different, except that I found myself so grateful for begin able to make the …

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08.7.2006 Posted 9:06 pm

The Wig is Off (Kind Of!)

Hello! Dave and I are really enjoying the summer. The past few weekends have been wonderful…visiting the beach, playing golf and attending a Mark and Andria’s beautiful wedding in Portland, Oregon. My personal highlight of the wedding weekend was playing in the golf tournament and winning the prize for longest drive (it doesn’t hurt that the women’s tees provided a huge advantage and I was the only woman playing in the tournament!). It was wonderful to see so many of our friends from business school. This past weekend was also meaningful to me because it marked my “coming out” party sans the wig. I had been psyching myself up for a long time, but since I really am not that pleased with how I like, it has been very hard for me to go without it. Slowly but surely I have been going to social functions without it but I still wear my wig to work. I guess it is a type of security blanket for me. To be honest, …

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08.1.2006 Posted 6:22 pm

Only The Good Die Young

I uncovered some heartbreaking news about a month ago…. Eden Dodd, a very important person in my life, had been killed in a car accident. She, along with her mother, was killed in an auto/train accident in Bucharest, Romania in May 2004. Although she passed away over 2 years ago, I just recently found out via a Google search so to me, my pain is quite fresh.
I last saw and spoke with Eden in August 1997 before I headed to Boston for business school. It may seem odd that someone with whom I had lost touch with for nearly 9 years would be considered such an important person in my life…but she was exactly that. She profoundly impacted my outlook on life and I have missed her terribly for the past 9 years and will continue to miss her for the rest of my life.
I met Eden in 1993 through the Everybody Wins Foundation, a mentoring program that matches elementary school students with corporate volunteers who work in the neighborhood. …

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