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01.26.2010 Posted 4:45 pm

Some Beautiful Words Leading up to Cycle for Survival

Hi Everyone,
We are at $1.825, so close to the $2MM mark! I have been touched by some beautiful words this week and I wanted to share them with you. The first is an excerpt my mom wrote regarding why she gets involved in Cycle for Survival. The second is my friend Serina’s solicitation email.
Why Do I Cycle? – By Sandy Goodman, Jen’s Mom (1/26/10)
Why I cycle? Ha! Certainly NOT my idea of a good time! At 62 years old and somewhat physically wimpy, the gym was not on my daily radar. But, there was my feisty daughter, 5 years ago, the 33 year old “gym rat, “ in fabulous physical condition, who was suddenly diagnosed with a rare cancer. She dealt with the surgery and chemotherapy, but did not let it overwhelm her life. Probably any request from her would have been honored, but her suggestion to me was simple, “Learn to spin, Mom. Follow my lead, and let’s us continue to be optimistic, proactive, and strong so we can …

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01.20.2010 Posted 10:15 am

Healing Physically, Yet Still Not Whole

This article appeared in The New York Times on January 18th, 2010. My friend Lauren pointed it out to me and I really loved it. It rings very true of how I am feeling now and what I have learned over the past 5 years. Enjoy!
Still haunted and chastened by the Puritan work ethic, our culture doesn’t much believe in convalescing, in full recovery. No matter what happens in our lives — a grave illness, a wrenching divorce, a death in the family — the unspoken understanding is that we should want to rush back into the game. Like an old-time quarterback who has had one concussion too many, we are expected to stagger back onto the field no matter what.
I found out that I had prostate cancer nearly two years ago — it ended up being an unexpectedly aggressive Stage 3 cancer — and in the time since then I’ve learned that there is a big difference between recuperation and recovery.
Recuperation is just physical. The claw of …

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01.16.2010 Posted 7:22 pm

Two Weeks to Go and Cycle for Survival is on a Roll!

We are so excited about the momentum behind Cycle for Survival. Thanks to loyal support from you, we’re making a real difference for many cancer patients. In the past year, we have funded 3 trials as well as developed a new chemotherapy regimen to help people with a wide variety of rare cancers such as pancreatic, uterine, brain, soft tissue and pediatric.
As just one example, a patient called us two weeks ago to relay that “in the past I would have been out of options but some of the money from last year’s Cycle for Survival is funding a clinical trial which will hopefully save my life.”
With two weeks to go, we have already SURPASSED last year’s fundraising goal! We are now setting our sights on $2MM and I really think we can do it! Please help us if you can! Just go to this page and click on Donate to Jen4Survival in the middle of the page –
Check out ringing the bell at Nasdaq yesterday!

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