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02.22.2009 Posted 1:53 pm

Motivating Others

Many of you have asked to see the speech that I delivered at the Equinox Annual Sales Forum in January of this past year. It is about 15 minutes long so grab a drink and settle in ūüôā ¬†In order to get such a big file uploaded to the blog, I had to dramatically reduce the quality so it is not as sharp as you might like but you can clearly hear the speech. ¬†

I say “amazing” way too much and use amateur words like “major” when describing my surgery but given that I had two days to prepare, I am happy with it.. ¬†Please note the standing ovation ūüôā

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02.16.2009 Posted 5:48 pm

Watch Cycle for Survival’s Check Ceremony

I have watched the check ceremony 20 times and I still tear up. It is amazing. Click here to check it out!  Cycle Check Ceremony

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02.16.2009 Posted 4:47 pm

Self Magazine Loved Cycle for Survival

Click here to read what Lucy Danziger, the Editor-in-Chief of Self Magazine had to say about her experience at the event! 

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02.16.2009 Posted 3:07 pm

Chemotherapy Reject

I guess all of the excitement and craziness from the event has caught up with me. ¬†I went to get my weekly “spa treatment” and I was turned away due to low white blood counts. ¬†There isn’t really much the Dr’s can do about that except tell you to sleep and eat well and come back next week and try again. I was frustrated by this news because it has only happened to me 2-3x over the past few years. ¬†Oh well, when you’ve had chemotherapy on and off for 4 years I guess it is bound to happen (I don’t like to admit that my body gets worn down more easily but it is the truth). ¬†
So this week I am trying very heard to take it easy. ¬†The 3 day weekend has been making it very nice. I have been spending most of the weekend catching up on the huge pile of tasks that have accumulated since Cycle for Survival completed (and the tasks that I haven’t paid …

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02.16.2009 Posted 2:44 pm

A Fresh Start…6 Floors Down

Dave and I have been looking to buy an apartment for a while now. However, once my cancer returned, we decided to put the search on hold. ¬†We didn’t want to be closing on an apartment or in the process of moving when I might be having surgery or recuperating. ¬†We also figured out that the buyer market should hopefully become even more favorable over time. So, long story short, we decided¬†that although we weren’t going to be buying a place, we still wanted a larger space for the near term.¬†
Luckily, a bigger apartment opened up in the building and we had about 4 days after we returned home from vacation to pack up, paint and move into 
our new home…apartment 9D. ¬†The apartment is really nice and now that we can look back with most of the moving behind us, we can appreciate it. ¬†However, it was not easy getting there. ¬†You don’t realize how much STUFF you accumulate until you are moving. ¬†Dave and I purged a ton of …

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02.16.2009 Posted 2:24 pm

Just What the Doctor Ordered

St. Maarten was just what the doctor ordered!  Dave and I were on such a high from the event that it felt a bit like our wedding!  We spent the entire vacation reliving special moments from the day and making a list of all of the things we can do to make the 2010 event bigger and better (is that possible?!?).
The good news is that there is really nothing to do on the island of St. Maarten so we had no choice but to do NOTHING.  The weather was great and our days consisted of sleeping, exercising, eating and reading on the beach.  My friend Kim gave me the entire T
wilight Series by Stephanie Meyer and I was addicted. ¬†I got through the first book in 2 days and was so upset that I didn’t have the second book with me. Luckily, there was a woman on the beach who had just finished the second book so she let me borrow it. ¬†Those books are the perfect beach read.

The vacation …

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