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06.21.2009 Posted 12:41 pm

So Far So Good

I am two weeks back at work and so far so good. I have really been able to live up to the commitment I made to myself to live life in “balance” despite harried meetings, business dinners and lots to catch up on.
I have been able to keep the hours I have wanted to keep and have also been able to fit in all of my “Team Jen” apppointments (accupuncture, nutritionist, personal trainer etc). I truly enjoying my work outs and every day I feel like I am getting a bit stronger. I have al
so been able to sleep 8+ hours a night which is what I really wanted to make sure I did as I made the transition back to work. I am not sure how I am able to do it all but it is working so I won’t jinx it.
I think the key is that I have been really efficient at work (only attending meetings I need to go to, delegating more to my team and …

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06.5.2009 Posted 4:42 pm

Being the Best I can Be

When I completed my 4th surgery last month, I made a commitment to myself – that I would do whatever I could do to keep the cancer away for good.  Now, I realize to an extent that having a cancer relapse may be beyond my control. However, if the cancer does return, I want to be able to say “I did everything I possibly could to keep it from coming back”.  So, I have spent the last week visiting doctors that I have neglected and setting up appointments with professionals who I believe will help me prioritize my health and wellness.
Introducing Team Jen J
2 disclaimers before I introduce you to them
1)   I realize that I am indeed very fortunate to have the means by which to work with these experts
2) I admit that I am quite impressionable these days and will take advice from practically anybody, no matter how kooky that advice is!

My General Practitioner – I love this woman and I have not seen her since she did the …

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06.5.2009 Posted 4:08 pm

Has it Really Been that Long?

I was able to attend both my 20th high school reunion and my 10th business school reunion in the past month. 

Although I was still fairly fragile at my high school reunion, I was able to connect with so many old friends and family.  I was amazed at how supportive all of my high school peers were about my recent surgery and the battle I have been fighting over the past 4.5 years.
One of my friends encouraged people in our class to donate small prizes that could be raffled off that night to benefit Cycle for Survival.
I was touched that about 20 of my classmates donated everything from a case of wine to a personal training session to a beach house at the New Jersey Shore.  We raised almost $2000 for Cycle for Survival!
It was so nice of my classmates to do this. 
I also loved that I was able to reconnect with so many old friends and hear what is going on in their lives.   I felt that with many of my peers, we …

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06.5.2009 Posted 3:43 pm

I Love New York

A good friend of mine once said that what he loves about New York is that it is truly a city that “grows with you”.  He meant that it is a great city for single people when they are out of college (bars, clubs, co-ed sporting leagues), it is a great city for married couples (restaurants, entertainment, culture), and it is a great city for families  (festivals, Broadway shows, museums).  He marveled at how the city has changed with him.  I remember him saying, “no matter what happens in my life and how my life changes, the city is always there offering unlimited options.
I have truly seen a different side to the city over the past few weeks when I have been well enough to venture outside.  I have been able to enjoy so much of the city that seems to pass me by when I spend long hours in the office.
 I have fallen in love with New York all over again.

In the past few weeks I have rediscovered, and fallen in love with, …

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