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The Latest (and not so greatest) News

We often talk about how life can change on a dime and only those who choose to live truly in the present can find real happiness. This sentiment could not have been any more true this past Sunday. We went from a fantastic weekend in the Hamptons to the Urgent Care facility in less than 12 hours. Jen was recovering from surgery very well (10 weeks now). However, she had severe stomach pains on Sunday that wouldn't go away so we came to the hospital at midnight. What we thought would be a quick visit (they never are), wound up being a 4-day investigation. Turns out that although unrelated to the stomach pains, we found out Jen’s cancer is back for a sixth time, and we started an aggressive chemo regimen immediately. As always, we are optimistic, however to have a recurrence so quickly after surgery is not the news we were hoping for. To try and inject some humor into this series of events, we decided to answer some of your likely questions in the form of a press conference. Hopefully this provides some amusement and education simultaneously. Reporter from American Medical Journal: “What is Jen’s Treatment Plan? Our doctors are working hard to find a chemo option that will kill these tumors once and for all. Jen started an aggressive chemo plan yesterday that will be administered via 3-week cycles. After 2 cycles we will evaluate via CT Scan if the chemo is effective, and if not, we will try something else. Follow Up Question: Is Surgery an Option? The good news is that the tumors are currently small and in an operable area if it comes to that. However, finding a chemotherapy that will shrink the tumors is by far the best option now. Surgery can remove them but without something that is proven to kill these latest cancer cells, additional tumors are likely to grow. So Jen might have surgery again in the future, but probably not right now. Journalist from Psychology Today: “How is Jen’s state of mind? Jen is optimistic, determined and resilient. She told her Dr’s that her commitment to them is to do whatever it takes to get rid of these tumors and that they need to hold her to that. She also told her parents not to write her off just yet so…all in all, she is remarkably well, laughing and gearing up for battle #6. Editor from Self Magazine: “How can we help Jen be her best self on the inside and out? Great Question! Please help us by: • Staying positive. The last thing we need right now are Debbie Downers so stay away if you can’t be strong for us (and we understand if you can’t do this). • Refraining from asking detailed medical questions. All you need to know is that we are working with the best doctors in the world, and we are confident with the plan. We don’t want to constantly rehash what’s going on since it can be very draining. Also, where possible please refrain from sending emails that ask questions (e.g. how are you? Are you feeling OK?) It’s time consuming to answer so it’s probably often better for you to visit the blog. • Keeping our minds off Jen’s health situation. It’s really nice for us to not think about Jen’s health all the time. If we see you or talk to you on the phone, please assume that it’s “life as normal” unless we say so. We like learning about what’s going on with you so don’t feel selfish talking about what’s important to you too. Representative from Oprah Magazine: “What can we do to help? The best thing you can do by far is to participate and recruit another person or team to participate in Cycle for Survival 2011. We have just announced that the event will be Feb 6th in Chicago and Feb 12th and 13th in both NYC and Long Island. There are many others who are dealing with a health situation similar to Jen’s where we don’t have a lot of answers. The money raised is changing this trend so it’s the best way to help. Although totally unnecessary, if you feel the need to do something else for us, Jen is focused on keeping up her physical and mental health with massage, reflexology, meditation, acupuncture, nutrition consultations and pedicures. If you would like to help in this regard, please reach out to Dave before doing so since Jen prefers specific therapists who are part of “Team Jen” because of their expertise in working with cancer patients. Again, totally unnecessary! Reporter from The New York Post: “What should our front page headline be when we cover this story?” “Despite Cancer Diagnosis, Jen insists on Living Life Normally”. It is so important to Jen that people don’t victimize her or treat her any differently despite this news. She knows that she may have to cut back on some things but please assume life is normal for now. If you had a project or plans with her, assume they are still a ‘go’. She will tell you otherwise if need be but it’s really critical that she maintains as much of a sense of normalcy as possible. Paparazzi from The National Enquirer: “Can we tell other people this news? Consistent with the past, we are open and honest with our information and have no issue with other people knowing. However, we want to make sure they get the proper information as opposed to hearing through the rumor mill (it makes life a lot harder for us to stop misinformation once it gets out) so best to just attach a link to this entry. Reporter from US Weekly: “Is it true we saw you hanging out with Hoda Kotb of the Today Show in East Hampton last weekend? Hoda and I became acquainted a few years ago when I was on The Today Show for Cycle for Survival. We have run into each other a few times since and saw each other twice last week. I am hoping that she will participate in the 2011 Cycle for Survival Event.