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03.17.2007 Posted 2:48 pm

February 16, 2007 – “If you just wanted us to raise more $, you should have said so!”

On February 16th, 19 days after we raised over $200,000 for cancer research, I found out my cancer had recurred. I had my routine quarterly CT scan and the results showed that two cancerous tumors have reappeared in the same general region as the first ones (the back of my stomach, near my pancreas).
To say we were shocked was an understatement. "What do you mean my cancer is back? I wrapped that up 13 months ago!" We all knew that 80% of sarcoma recurrences occur within the first 2-3 years, and that I wasn't out of the woods for at least 3 years. So, although stats might reveal that my recurrence was not surprising at all, I had moved on and was not ready for this! Cancer was a very big part of my life, and I knew it always would be, but cancer and I had finally made peace with each other. It no longer kept me up at night worrying. When I had a stomach ache, I no …

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03.17.2007 Posted 1:45 pm

January 28th – An Amazing Day!

I sincerely apologize for not having written earlier. Dave and I are still recovering from the amazing, unbelievable, 1st annual Spin4Survival! The event, held on January 28th, 2007, was a 5-hour indoor cycle-a-thon to raise money for Dr. Maki and the entire sarcoma team at MSKCC. My local gym, Equinox Columbus Circle, was kind enough to host the event and we had 5 of the most popular in-demand cycling instructors in NYC dedicating their instruction talents for the day. The event had over 300 participants and we raised over $200,000 for MSKCC!!! Unbelievable!
When this idea was “born” in September 2006, Dave and I wondered if we were setting our sights too high if we aimed to raise $50,000. And then, as teams joined, as friends fundraised and as the word spread about how important raising money for cancer research is…our $50,000 goal became a thing of the past. On January 28th, we were thrilled to present Dr. Maki and his entire research team with a check for $210,000 (with a …

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