Jennifer Goodman Linn You Fearless

Jen touches everyone she meets.

Combining more than 15 years of marketing expertise with her incredible life experience as a six-time cancer survivor, Jennifer is helping Fortune 500 clients ignite passion and creativity in their employees, generate breakthrough, profit-driven ideas, and drive positive organizational change. Through her life and work, she is inspiring countless companies, individuals and organizations with her You Fearless philosophy: the belief that anything is possible when you eliminate fear from the equation.

Jen Goodman Linn is my personal hero.
In the face of any challenge, whether in life or business, Jen demonstrates that relentless determination, inspiring leadership, depth of character and a shot of marketing brilliance can change the world.

Deborah B. Curtis,
Vice President, Advertising
American Express

Jen has an indefinable quality that draws people to her and opens their minds and hearts to what she has to say. Thank You Jen for breathing life into so many people and me.

Ethan Zohn,
Cancer Survivor and Activist
Winner, Survivor Africa

Your presentation was powerful, emotional, sobering, uplifting and inspirational… all in the same discussion! Each of us that had the good fortune to hear your words has taken away a greater willingness to face and address the challenges in our personal and professional lives.

Brett Keith,
Chief Executive Officer
Rockwood Equity Group

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