Jennifer Goodman Linn You Fearless

Jen is an Extraordinary Leader and Guru of all things Marketing

Jen brings her You Fearless philosophy – the belief that when we remove
fear from the equation, anything is possible – to all of her client engagements.
By helping her clients identify potential obstacles and turn them into
opportunities, she empowers organizations to develop marketing ideas that
exceed all expectations.

Jen’s Creativity, Energy and Raw Business “how to” are Unmatched

Jen’s profound life experience coupled with her understanding of marketing strategy, consumer dynamics and organizational behavior enables her to create innovative, sustainable and profitable programs for her clients.

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Jen brings a strategic mindset, analytical skill set and a strong dose of creativity to marketing. She truly understands how to build and refine a brand, as well as how to bring it to life. Most importantly, she is a great leader and builds enthusiasm in the people around her that drives everyone forward together.

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Jen’s Areas of Expertise

Brand Strategy
Consumer Insights
New Product Innovation
Brand Architecture
Brand Delivery
Marketing Processes
Competitive Analysis
Marketing Spend Effectiveness
Advertising Strategy
360° Integrated Marketing
Big Idea Development
Marketing Plan Development
Marketing Organization
Brand Equity

Consult with Jen if your organization is looking to:

  • Develop innovative, unforgettable consumer experiences
  • Understand the true essence of your brand and how to maximize its value
  • Invent new product ideas that are truly consumer-driven
  • Reposition a product offering in a competitive marketplace
  • Breathe new life into traditional, “tired” strategies
  • Develop BIG brand-building ideas that increase consumer loyalty and profits
  • Create a 360° marketing plan maximizing all consumer / organizational touchpoints
  • Unearth new consumer insights that lead to profitable growth
  • Design a portfolio strategy that will minimize product line cannibalization
  • Re-think organizational structure and introduce new marketing processes