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08.3.2008 Posted 4:51 pm

Living Between The End and the Beginning

I truly apologize for taking so long to write. I can’t believe practically 6 weeks have gone by. In some ways I feel like so much has happened and changed in the past 6 weeks and in many ways, I feel like things haven’t changed at all.
The good news is that the CT scan at the end of June came back clean so I am officially “off the juice”. In fact, just this past Friday I made it official by having my port removed. For those of you who remember, the port was the device I was forced to get after a year of chemo when all of my veins had hardened and I couldn’t receive the chemo via IV anymore. I really resisted having the port but once it was implanted, the chemo, and anxiety around getting chemo, became much easier. Many Doctors like you to keep the port for up to a year after receiving treatment “just in case” the cancer recurs. Dr. Maki and I agreed, however, …

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