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11.20.2011 Posted 11:15 pm

Fearless parents…a very special blog post from Sandy and Len Goodman

A very, very special post from Jen's parents, Sandy and Len Goodman:
Hey! It’s me.  Hope you’re doing well!
Nature? Nurture?  Was Jen born with exceptional  innate traits or was it her exposure to a tremendous number of incredibly special people?  Nevertheless, she was a determined woman from the minute of birth!
It was almost as if she had an urgent, preordained mission for her life. Jennifer was delivered within 5 minutes of arriving at Mountainside Hospital in Glen Ridge, NJ!  Five minutes! With a zest for life and generous, thoughtful heart, she grew up appropriately challenging authority, relishing how she met exciting challenges, fiercely defending  her friends, and always representing worthy causes. People seemed to be constantly charmed by her. She related to all ages and was as comfortable in a sandbox as she was in a corporate boardroom.

We beamed when 5 year old Jen raced her older brother’s friends and won! We giggled when she technically won the town’s track meet, but came in “second” because she did not want to …

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11.3.2011 Posted 12:07 am

Fearless stories and shout-outs (including an update from Dave!)

Fearless stories. The mission of living life fearlessly is one we share, as a community of people inspired by Jen. As I mentioned in previous posts, will become a place where we inspire each other and find new people who can benefit from eliminating fear from the equation. Some posts will focus on one fearless person, while others (like today’s) will include a few more opportunities to check in with fearless people and stories, including Dave Linn!
You have to be fearless to share, and I challenge you to do so. I hope you will email me (Janet Balis Allen) at with any stories you might want to share.  Everyone reading this post has a story to share, and I hope you will.
The article below is from Judith Hammerman, a member of my Cycle for Survival team who recently wrote a story for The Huffington Post, inspired by Arianna Huffington’s new book On Becoming Fearless. Speaking about Judith’s own experiences facing fear, she highlights inspiration – from Steve Jobs …

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