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Monthly Archives: January 2008

01.31.2008 Posted 6:40 pm

The 2nd Annual Spin4Survival is a Smashing Success!

January 27th was an outstanding day! All in all the 2nd annual Spin4Survival raised over $640,000 for cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. We had over 120 teams involved from around the world! Over 500 people “geared up to battle cancer” at Equinox Columubus Circle in an 8 hour bonanza of sweat. People had such a great time and everyone left feeling so inspired. Here are a few quotes to give you a sense of how magical the day was:
“I Just wanted to say congratulations again on such a fantastic event – fun, inspirational and incredibly well-organized! When you were speaking and presenting MSKCC with the (unbelievable!!) check, it all really hit me. And I was not the only teary-eyed one in the audience. I feel honored to have been a part of it, and I am already training for next year.”
“I can honestly say that I do not know a single person who would not be thrilled and honored to partake in next year’s spin4survival.”
“Unimaginable inspiration paired with …

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01.7.2008 Posted 8:18 pm

Just Call Me Stump

Multiple Choice Question The above image depicts the following:
a. an elephant’s skin
b. rolls of dough
c. Jen’s legs from the cumulative effect of her chemo drugs
Unfortunately the answer is “C”. While I am happy to be able to “blame” my bloatedness on something other than indulging too much over the holiday season, it is extremely depressing and frustrating to be retaining this much water. My pants don’t fit…by the end of the day, my legs are twice the size as they were in the morning. In fact, it is hard to differentiate the top of my legs from the bottom of my legs. I have taken to calling myself “stump”.
I have been experiencing a lot of odd side effects over the past few weeks (bloatedness, inability to sweat during workouts, dehydration, soreness of my arms and legs and rapid heart beats). The good news is that when I visited Dr. Maki this past week for my chemo appointment, he explained that this all made sense to him and he was not …

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