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12.24.2008 Posted 3:00 pm

Jen:4 Cancer:0 -Gearing up for Another Battle

I am going to keep this journal entry short because I am drained and frankly, don’t really feel like talking about my situation. I went into the hospital on Friday, December 12th because I had excruciating stomach pains. Dave and I thought that I had eaten something bad and that I was suffering from a bad case of food poisoning. When the cramps and fever didn’t disappear after 24 hours, we decided to visit the urgent care center at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

The irony is that we actually had the conversation around “Why are we going to MSKCC, I no longer have cancer?” as we got into the taxicab. The truth is, it has become our safe place and we knew that they would take good care of us.
The next 5 days in the hospital are a bit of a blur. When the pain didn’t subside, the doctors ordered 1 test which led to another test to another….and unfortunately the cancer is back for the 4th time.
Dave and I …

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