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11.9.2009 Posted 9:52 pm

Celebrating 6 Months Cancer-Free

I absolutely love Arizona. I find the dry heat, the constant sun and the focus on health and well-being to be so energizing for me. I have always loved Scottsdale but over the past few years I have developed a very close, almost spiritual connection with this town. Since I started battling cancer in 2004, I have come to Scottsdale at least 1x a year for some R&R.; It’s amazing how much more energy I feel here! Even when I have been actively on treatment, I miraculously find so much more energy when I visit and feel so much more alive.

The irony is that I was in Arizona at a wedding when I felt my first cancer symptoms 5 years ago (Dave and I were playing tennis and I had to stop because I had sharp pains in my abdomen). I truly believe that I understand my body better when I am here. I eat well, I sleep great and I work out like crazy.

The past few days have been …

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