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10.17.2013 Posted 9:59 am

On Fearlessness… and Being Stronger, Together by Marisa Thalberg

A beautiful and very heartfelt post on her mother, her dear friend, and defining “fearlessness”
by Marisa Thalberg
(originally published on The Huffington Post)
For all that can be said about cancer, perhaps we have to acknowledge it as a great equalizer; almost everyone is touched by it in some way. Many of us are touched in profound ways, either as the one whom cancer has personally engaged in battle… or as the one who loves someone whom cancer has so unkindly tapped.
After cancer was as cruel as it was terribly foolish to choose a dear friend of mine, she stared it right back in the eye and decided to build a personal platform around being “fearless” (which has become just one of her enduring legacies). The only other person I’ve ever known who may have surpassed her in positivity, determination and humor in the face of this same adversity was my mom, Marion. Her favorite motto which she fully lived was: “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”
In the role of …

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