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10.16.2009 Posted 8:09 pm

Meg’s Courageous Battle

My dear friend Meg passed away yesterday. Fortunately, I was able to visit the hospital and tell her how profound of an influence she had on my life before she passed. I pray that she heard me.
This is my favorite picture of Meg although you can’t see her. She is the one with her back to the camera being hugged. Meg was such a powerful force that you couldn’t resist wanting to hug her and be a part of her aura.
The year was 2005 and she had just ridden cross-country with Lance Armstrong to raise awareness for cancer research. While she was riding in the Tour of Hope, I was in a hospital bed receiving my first round of chemotherapy. I was so scared and had no way to know how to handle what was ahead of me. Meg and I had not yet met but she sent me pictures and emails offering hope and guidance from every state she visited on her cancer tour.
Immediately after she returned, she …

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