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Monthly Archives: March 2009

03.21.2009 Posted 1:03 pm

Happy Birthday to Me

I am having such a nice, relaxing birthday!  My blood counts were low last week when I got my chemo which brought on a nasty bacterial infection.  Bad news is that I had a bad stomach bug this week as a result and am now on antibiotics.  Good news is NO CHEMO yesterday 🙂  I thought that meant I would have more energy than ever but the bacterial bug hit me hard and I have been sleeping a lot.

You know you’re getting older when your idea of a great birthday is reading in bed and getting a massage rather than bar hopping!  My parents are visiting tomorrow and my brother and sister-in law and nephews visited last week.

It is March Madness so Dave and I do nothing but watch basketball all day!  We are neck and neck in the family pool.  Tonight we will be having a few friends over to watch the Duke game (fingers crossed that they pull it out!).

Thanks for all of the calls and emails wishing …

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03.8.2009 Posted 7:18 pm

And the Surgery Date has been Set…

Dave and I got the great news last week that my tumor has shrunk by about 1/3 and that the chemo is definitely working.  We were optimistic that this would be the case given that this same form of chemotherapy worked for me last time.  Even better than the fact that tumors are shrinking is the fact that because they are shrinking and moving, the surgeon feels much more confident performing surgery (some of you might remember that when I first relapsed in December of this past year, the surgeon was concerned that the tumor was in a “morbid” place and he wouldn’t be able to perform surgery).
My surgeon (Dr. Singer), said that although he could perform surgery immediately, he seemed to find no harm in my having a few more cycles of chemotherapy to see if we could shrink the tumors even further.  You have to love a surgeon who says “This surgery will be much easier for me than I had originally thought…I mean I will probably need …

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