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Being the Best I can Be


When I completed my 4th surgery last month, I made a commitment to myself – that I would do whatever I could do to keep the cancer away for good.  Now, I realize to an extent that having a cancer relapse may be beyond my control. However, if the cancer does return, I want to be able to say “I did everything I possibly could to keep it from coming back”.  So, I have spent the last week visiting doctors that I have neglected and setting up appointments with professionals who I believe will help me prioritize my health and wellness.

Introducing Team Jen J

2 disclaimers before I introduce you to them

1)   I realize that I am indeed very fortunate to have the means by which to work with these experts

2) I admit that I am quite impressionable these days and will take advice from practically anybody, no matter how kooky that advice is!

My General Practitioner – I love this woman and I have not seen her since she did the blood tests that revealed I had a major infection somewhere in m body (aka Cancer).  I have been way too busy with other critical doctor appointments and, as I said to her, “I have been totally healthy with the exception of cancer for the past 4.5 years!” The good news is that my cholesterol and blood pressure are great (I was relieved to hear that now that cancer is behind me, I don’t have another physical condition to battle!).  I need to watch my iron levels but that’s about it.

My Dermatologist – I had not visited a dermatologist in a few years for two reasons: 1) because I figured that if I was having chemo for sarcoma that hopefully the chemo was taking care of skin cancer if I had that as well (just kidding) and 2) because I didn’t feel like having someone yell at me to wear even more sun block than I currently do (“c’mon, I have cancer…please allow me one vice!)  Well, my dermatologist “to the stars” says that I should wear more sun block but she is not concerned about anything. She did recommend that in the fall I start doing extremely expensive chemical peels so I can “minimize age spots and protect my youthful appearance.”  Beauty at a high cost indeed!

My Acupuncturist – My visit is on Monday.  I figured, “Why not?”

My Personal Trainer – I can’t work out with him for another month but I have been working with Gustavo for years.  Unfortunately my workouts have not been that great given all of the fatigue brought on by the chemotherapy.  I am hoping that now that chemo and surgery are behind me, I can hit the ground running and ramp up my cardio vascular abilities and my metabolism. No pain no gain!

My Physical Therapist – Unfortunately, I have taken “no pain, no gain” literally meaning that in my desire to have great “gains”, I have been saddled with a fair amount of  “pains”.  My hip has been bother me for years and so I decided to get it checked out so that nothing could stop me from having great workouts once I am physically able.  When the physical therapist shared with me that my hip pain is a result of one leg being longer than the other and other embarrassing physical deformities, I realized that I should probably add a psychologist/therapist to my team!  Becoming your personal best does require high self-esteem as you start to realize that as you get older, there is a lot wrong with you!

My Nutritionist – Unfortunately, every time I have surgery I get major digestive problems. The truth is that I might have to live with digestive discomfort for years.  So, I decided to work with a professional who could recommend foods to eat that would minimize my stomach pains and maximize my health benefits (and keep the weight off!).  I love this woman and in just 5 days I have already seen a difference in my comfort level and my energy.  Goodbye processed foods, hello organic living!

You can’t say that I am not trying!  I will keep you posted on my progress!