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So Far So Good

I am two weeks back at work and so far so good. I have really been able to live up to the commitment I made to myself to live life in "balance" despite harried meetings, business dinners and lots to catch up on.
I have been able to keep the hours I have wanted to keep and have also been able to fit in all of my "Team Jen" apppointments (accupuncture, nutritionist, personal trainer etc). I truly enjoying my work outs and every day I feel like I am getting a bit stronger. I have al
so been able to sleep 8+ hours a night which is what I really wanted to make sure I did as I made the transition back to work. I am not sure how I am able to do it all but it is working so I won't jinx it.
I think the key is that I have been really efficient at work (only attending meetings I need to go to, delegating more to my team and focusing on projects in which I believe my contribution will truly add value.
Dave and I had the wonderful privilege of meeting Marlowe Stone and her husband for dinner the other night. Some of you might remember that Marlowe is the talented song writer who wrote the song Keep the Wheels Turning for Cycle for Survival. It was such a beautiful tribute and the song was so wonderfully really captured all that we are trying to do with our charity. It was beyond exciting to finally meet her. I felt like we had known each other for years!
In other VERY EXCITING news, my closest friend Alicia (and her hubby Rob), gave birth to twin girls last week. We were all a bit concerned that they were going to wind up with 4 boys:)
birth to twin girls
So now, Matthew and Daniel have two little sisters: Malena and Delilah. They are beautiful!
Alicia and Rob decided
to name the girls' Hebrew names after me.
I am beyond honored! Since Alicia and Rob always name their Cycle for Survival Team after their kids, (first year it was Matthew's Maniacs and then it evolved to Mathew's Maniacs and Daniel's Dynamos), next January we will have a team with a very long name :) I am so happy for them. And can't wait to spoil the girls:)
I have my baseline CT scan on Monday. It is the only CT scan in which I never worry because I know it will be clean. The doctors will use this scan as a comparison to all of my future scans. I can't believe I am back to baseline again!