Jennifer Goodman Linn You Fearless

A Week of Zigs and Zags

Hi everyone! I made a little trip to urgent care on Sunday because I was vomiting and had bad stomach cramps. We were concerned that I had a bowel obstruction which apparently my surgeon claims is “The crappy consolation prize for having 6 abdominal surgeries.” The good news is that the issue worked itself out on its own and it never became too serious. I just had to spend 3 days in the hospital unexpectedly without food or water and became very cranky! But I did milk the hospital for all of their “extra services” and got a foot massage and a private guided meditation session! While I was in the hospital, it was wonderful to catch up with so many nurses, doctors, technicians and social workers who are all participating in Cycle for Survival. It warms my heart that the hospital has truly gotten behind this event. In fact, one of the teams of nurses brought me a flyer that they had made advertising a happy hour that they are hosting next week with proceeds going to Cycle for Survival. Amazing. We have already raised over $1.7MM! The really great news is that my tests came back very positive. My heart is still strong and has not been weakened by the chemo and the CT scan shows that the chemo has been not only tough on me but also on the tumors – they continue to shrink by 20-30%. My team of doctors was very pleased with the results. We all know it’s a long road but every bit of good news really helps. While in the hospital, I received two units of blood so that I could be extra strong for this coming weekend. So barring any health issue or snow storms, we are off to Duke! I promise to check in with great stories and pictures about our weekend.