Jennifer Goodman Linn You Fearless

Celebrating 6 Months Cancer-Free

I absolutely love Arizona. I find the dry heat, the constant sun and the focus on health and well-being to be so energizing for me. I have always loved Scottsdale but over the past few years I have developed a very close, almost spiritual connection with this town. Since I started battling cancer in 2004, I have come to Scottsdale at least 1x a year for some R&R.; It's amazing how much more energy I feel here! Even when I have been actively on treatment, I miraculously find so much more energy when I visit and feel so much more alive.
The irony is that I was in Arizona at a wedding when I felt my first cancer symptoms 5 years ago (Dave and I were playing tennis and I had to stop because I had sharp pains in my abdomen). I truly believe that I understand my body better when I am here. I eat well, I sleep great and I work out like crazy.
The past few days have been heaven! I was here for a conference and decided to stay an extra few days. The Marriott Desert Ridge is a beautiful hotel! It doesn't hurt that Nickelodeon and Marriott have a formal business partnership so the hotel general manager was given a "heads up" that I was visiting (this translates to VIP status...everything from access to the concierge level club to heavily discounted spa treatments!). I enjoyed a pedicure and massage yesterday and tomorrow I am getting an 80 minute body treatment called the "Hydrating Drench".
I had a "moment" today. I swam laps at 8AM when the sun was just beginning to shine. The pool was completely empty and the pool was "bathtub" warm. The "spa" music was playing on the speakers and there was fresh fruit waiting at my lounge chair when I completed my swim.
I realized in that moment that I truly feel strong...not just mentally tough after all that I have been through but physically strong. I feel like after 6 months of no chemo and no disease, my body is coming back.
Ahhh...I think I might need to stay here a bit longer!