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Happy Birthday to Me

I am having such a nice, relaxing birthday!  My blood counts were low last week when I got my chemo which brought on a nasty bacterial infection.  Bad news is that I had a bad stomach bug this week as a result and am now on antibiotics.  Good news is NO CHEMO yesterday :)  I thought that meant I would have more energy than ever but the bacterial bug hit me hard and I have been sleeping a lot.
You know you're getting older when your idea of a great birthday is reading in bed and getting a massage rather than bar hopping!  My parents are visiting tomorrow and my brother and sister-in law and nephews visited last week.
It is March Madness so Dave and I do nothing but watch basketball all day!  We are neck and neck in the family pool.  Tonight we will be having a few friends over to watch the Duke game (fingers crossed that they pull it out!).
Thanks for all of the calls and emails wishing me a happy birthday. Facebook is amazing! I think over 100 people have emaled me birthday wishes.