Jennifer Goodman Linn You Fearless

A Fresh Start…6 Floors Down

Dave and I have been looking to buy an apartment for a while now. However, once my cancer returned, we decided to put the search on hold.  We didn't want to be closing on an apartment or in the process of moving when I might be having surgery or recuperating.  We also figured out that the buyer market should hopefully become even more favorable over time. So, long story short, we decided that although we weren't going to be buying a place, we still wanted a larger space for the near term. 
Luckily, a bigger apartment opened up in the building and we had about 4 days after we returned home from vacation to pack up, paint and move into 
our new home...apartment 9D.  The apartment is really nice and now that we can look back with most of the moving behind us, we can appreciate it.  However, it was not easy getting there.  You don't realize how much STUFF you accumulate until you are moving.  Dave and I purged a ton of things and we are thrilled that we have a lot less clutter.  However, we also wanted to buy a lot of things and it was amazing how much effort it takes to pick out exactly what you want.  
  • Does the sofa come in the shape and the fabric that I like (the answer is 'no' and it will take 12 weeks to custom order the one you like)?  
  • How come the dining room table that I want is no longer available at the warehouse? 
  • How come the couch that we wanted to put in our 2nd bedroom doesn't fit?  
  • How come determining what size flatscreen TV to buy is the HARDEST decision a guy makes next to buying an engagement ring?
I guess I shouldn't complain. It is actually nice to obsess about something beyond cancer!
Well, the good news is that we are slowly but surely making decisions and it looks like by about April our apartment will look presentable to the public. I am just hoping that my surgery is not scheduled before then.
Of course we scheduled our move for the same day that I had chemotherapy which was a great move. I got to leave the chaos for a few hours. I have never been as happy to get chemo in my life :)   I promise to write again as soon as I can find myself through the sea of moving boxes!