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The Novelty Has Worn Off

Hello! Sorry I have not written in a while but I have been very busy with work and fun things. The past few weeks have been crazed with lots of good things!
  • My mom and I went to Canyon Ranch with my friend Tina and her mom and had a great, great time! It was truly an education as well as an indulgence and we came home with lots of great tips on how to be healthy and fit. I also made a lot of "vows" about not eating processed foods which I know will wear off the minute work gets busy again :)
  • Speaking of getting busy again...I then went to Los Angeles for 3 days of work meetings. The meetings were great and I got to spend a lot of time with the actors and creators of many of the Nickelodeon shows. That was a lot of fun! For those of you who are living under a rock, the picture above is myself with the 4 stars of iCarly (the 2nd highest rated show among kids and tweens behind American Idol)
I have learned that although I might not feel tired or sick during the week, if I don't get my 9 hours of sleep a night, it really catches up with me. This past Friday, chemo kicked by butt. I have manged to sleep 23 hours over the past 2 days and have been eating a lot of processed, unhealthy food (for some reason I always crave, ice-cream, burgers and fries when I am nauseous!). So much for what I learned at Canyon Ranch :)

The doctor says we only have a few months left of chemo and I am starting to really look forward to that! I think I am "hitting the wall" a bit. I realize that the end is near so many of my symptoms and side effects are becoming more aggravated. It could be because my body is just finally saying "I've had enough" or it could be that I am mentally ready to be done. Regardless, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and that is great news. Because the "novelty" of cancer has definitely worn off!

I am very excited to be going to Austin, TX this coming weekend for a Duke Girl's weekend. Then Dave and I are off to Mexico for our friend's wedding. Lots to fill you in on when I get back