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January 28th – An Amazing Day!

I sincerely apologize for not having written earlier. Dave and I are still recovering from the amazing, unbelievable, 1st annual Spin4Survival! The event, held on January 28th, 2007, was a 5-hour indoor cycle-a-thon to raise money for Dr. Maki and the entire sarcoma team at MSKCC. My local gym, Equinox Columbus Circle, was kind enough to host the event and we had 5 of the most popular in-demand cycling instructors in NYC dedicating their instruction talents for the day. The event had over 300 participants and we raised over $200,000 for MSKCC!!! Unbelievable! When this idea was "born" in September 2006, Dave and I wondered if we were setting our sights too high if we aimed to raise $50,000. And then, as teams joined, as friends fundraised and as the word spread about how important raising money for cancer research is...our $50,000 goal became a thing of the past. On January 28th, we were thrilled to present Dr. Maki and his entire research team with a check for $210,000 (with a promise of more to come!) According to MSKCC, Spin4Survival was the most successful fundraiser organized by an individual patient in the hospital's history! Even better than the money raised...
  • Than the product donated (by amazing sponsors like Balance Bar, Amino Vital, Glaceau Vitamin Water, Frito-Lay, Whole Foods and Domino's Pizza)
  • Than the the hundreds of raffle prizes (by great stores like LuLuLemon, Jamba Juice, Nike, Cold Stone Creamery, EquinoxFitness)
  • Than the people who donated their services (a set of professional DJ's, numerous massage therapists and personal trainers, a Videographer, a Photographer)
was the amazing, irreplaceable energy and love that was present at the gym that day. In my life, I have never participated in an event where every individual felt so personally responsible for the work that they had achieved and felt like they personally had made a REAL difference in the fight against cancer. In my thank you speech, I reminded everyone that within each of us we DO have the ability to make a difference and that every single participant and volunteer had proved that on January 28th. Dave and I were most touched by the feedback that we received after the event. Here are some quotes that made our day: "We should be the ones thanking you. Seriously, yesterday was a "magical" day for me and I genuinely appreciate you making it a reality" - Vishal Bakshi & the entire Team Borakshi "You should be incredibly proud of what you organized. Aside from the huge amount of money raised, you inspired everyone involved, got hundreds of people informed about sarcoma and MSK and hosted a REALLY fun event. Next year, the Flying Elvis Team is gunning for a bike in the "front row" (assuming our butts stop throbbing in the next 365 days)" - Sharon and Todd Kristol

"We all loved every minute of it. THERE WAS NOTHING that you could have done better. Remember I produce commercials for a living. And you did a fabulous job of producing this event! - Lana Penino and the Terrier Tri Team

"This was an amazing experience for me. My partner's dad passed away from colon cancer three years ago this coming Thursday. This was a huge loss for me. The event was very emotional and really allowed me to connect with the loss and his dad." - John Malizkis

"It was my honor to participate. What you undertook and achieved is nothing short of amazing. I was beyond impressed, although expect nothing less from you, the most motivated go-getter I know! My favorite part of the day was knowing that it was all going on to help someone like you" - Matt Spielman and the TRLinn Team

"You really made a difference. Is it too early to sign up for next year?!?" - Jeff Glick of the Go Jo Team

We are in the process of getting a video made and posting all of the pictures somewhere on our web site. We will be sure to let you know.

Thank you again for making our dream a reality!