Jennifer Goodman Linn You Fearless

The Wig is Off (Kind Of!)

Hello! Dave and I are really enjoying the summer. The past few weekends have been wonderful...visiting the beach, playing golf and attending a Mark and Andria's beautiful wedding in Portland, Oregon. My personal highlight of the wedding weekend was playing in the golf tournament and winning the prize for longest drive (it doesn't hurt that the women's tees provided a huge advantage and I was the only woman playing in the tournament!). It was wonderful to see so many of our friends from business school. This past weekend was also meaningful to me because it marked my "coming out" party sans the wig. I had been psyching myself up for a long time, but since I really am not that pleased with how I like, it has been very hard for me to go without it. Slowly but surely I have been going to social functions without it but I still wear my wig to work. I guess it is a type of security blanket for me. To be honest, I am very disappointed with the realization that I am so vain. I really wish that I could take it off and still feel beautiful but it is absolutely amazing how I can go from feeling "pretty" with the wig to "fat and ugly" without it. I wish I was more evolved but I am getting there. I have a few friends in the haircare industry who tell me that for over 90% of women, there is a direct correlation between how they feel about their hair and their self-esteem. I guess I was secretly hoping that I was in the "unaffected" 10% but alas, this is not the case. In other VERY EXCITING news, I had my 2nd CT scan last week and I am 6 months cancer-free! The Dr's are very happy with the results and my parents are especially happy because have now passed the "mark" when I recurred after my last surgery (for those who remember, my cancer came back about 6 months after my first surgery). Yippee!! Lots of wonderful things are happening in our lives so I will be sure to write soon...our annual NJ shore weekend with my nephews, the unveiling of Cancer Chicks (don't worry, I will explain), and a fantastic, memorable reunion with my college girlfriends.