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Surgery 6 Update – 5 Days In

Hi everyone! It’s Jen. Thank you so much for all of your well wishes. I am sorry that Dave and I have not sent another update sooner but we have really been focused on my rest and recovery. This will be very short as I am still in a lot of pain and am finding it hard to sit in one position for very long. This hospital stay has truly been the best one yet.

An anonymous friend of mine pulled some strings and got me my own room which makes a huge difference. I also have had the most wonderful nurses. The staff at MSKCC is great but this is the first time I can remember that I have had 100% amazing nurses. They have all had a wonderful spirit and have been so caring. They have made these past 5 painful days very bearable. I also had a good friend unfortunately in the hospital with me at the same time. So, we got to go on walks together, sit on the sun deck together and hang out. It’s nice to feel like sometimes you are chatting with a friend rather than sitting in a dreary hospital in lots of pain. 

We have had some great visitors and we appreciate everyone who has visited or called to check in. This visit we are really taking it easy with regards to visitors and activities because I truly have to rest up for two activities next week…one I am really excited about and the other one I am dreading.

Let’s start with the exciting one. smiley.  I am going to be on The Today Show this Wednesday, 9/22!

Please tune in to watch me sometime between 10-11 EST. I will be talking with Hoda and Kathy Lee about my story/Cycle for Survival. It is really exciting exposure for the charity and all of my doctors know that I can’t miss it! I don’t care if I am doped up and still wearing my IV Pole and hospital gown, I must be there!

The other activity that I am not looking forward to is that I will be starting chemotherapy next Friday afternoon. Usually we wait about 3-4 weeks post surgery to start chemo but we don’t have that luxury this time. So, I am going to be put back on the aggressive chemo I was on 5 years ago (that worked!) only 10 days post surgery.

We will likely do a few rounds of this drug until we find out when/if I will be placed on the trial Dave mentioned in the earlier blog entry. I am not looking forward to this but I must rise to the occasion. I am hoping to be out of the hospital on Tuesday and then I will be lying low for the next few weeks healing from the surgery and adjusting to the chemo. 

Please continue to email and write. If you’d like to go on a walk with me or come visit, let me know. As I said, I will be really lying low these next few weeks so it might be hard but if I can manage it, I will surely let you know. Have a great week and for those who celebrated Yom Kippur, may this year be a healthy and happy one for your and your families.

Here's a fun video Dave captured of my family celebrating Yom Kippur in my hospital room.