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Making a Difference Feels Great

I don't have much time to write because I am BUSY recruiting teams and individuals for Cycle for Survival 2010 ( If you are reading this email and have not already signed up to captain or participate on a team, you have no right to be here!! I wanted to briefly share with you a wonderfully touching and inspiring experience I had the other day. I went to the hospital to meet with a man who has been battling a rare cancer. This man received the sobering news that the chemo regimen he has been on for the past few months does not seem to be working as well as the Doctors had hoped. HOWEVER, he received some much-needed hope...rather than be told that there are no other treatment options to try, he is being put in a clinical trial for a new treatment, which is being funded by the money we raised from last year's Cycle for Survival I will not share his name to protect his privacy but these are some excerpts from the email his wife and sister sent me after our meeting:
It was so great to meet you yesterday. You are just as dynamic and full of life as your video. A ball of very positive energy! It was good for us to meet you ………just knowing that you made it all this way and continue to pave the path for the rest of us……… gave us such hope and made us laugh too! Timing is everything and I am so glad you shared that moment with us…….as we learned of Plan B and that your fundraising event is changing lives. Nothing will make us happier than helping this cause.  
Cycle for Survival is making a real difference! The dollars we are raising are giving thousands of people across the country more hope! THANK YOU for doing what you do....and keep it up over the next 8 weeks so we can make Cycle for Survival 2010 an even bigger success than in past years!