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Just what the Dr. Ordered…Another Week at Home

Dave and I met with my surgeon on Thursday and he ordered me to stay home for one more week. Part of me was frustrated with this news and the other part of me was a bit relieved. I am anxious to get back to things as I am going a bit stir crazy in the house but, given that I have had lots of bad stomach cramping and soreness, I agree with him that I am not "back to normal" just yet. Because all of your internal organs are "removed and put back together" during surgery, it can take a month or so until everything is working well again. Basically, your stomach is confused and is trying to re-route its path. So, I am home for one more week. Dave and I met with the development team at MSKCC this past Wednesday to talk about the future of Spin4Survival. The event is near and dear to our hearts and we have a lot of energy to make it even bigger and better for 2008. That being said, it requires a lot of time, work and resources. We believe we have the right business model but we need some "expert" assistance to really make this event take off (e.g. organizing rides in more than one gym, perhaps events in other states). We were thrilled to hear that MSKCC wants to partner with us to make this event a success! They will be helping us with the event for 2008 and then, ideally, for 2009 and beyond, we will form a committee and MSKCC can help make the event national in scope! Dave and I were thrilled to hear that the hospital likes the idea so much and we are very excited to help make this vision a reality. Although I am still recuperating, Dave and I were able to go to Newport and celebrate the wedding of our dear friends Kelly and Vishal. They got married at a beautiful mansion and the weather was perfect. The wedding blended Christian and Indian traditions and it was so, so great to catch up with good friends. Chemo starts again this Friday so I will be trying to rest up for it this week. I will find out on Friday what my oncologists plans are in terms of how long I continue with the treatments and I will keep you posted on my next blog.