Jennifer Goodman Linn You Fearless

July 17th – Update

Posted 5:00PM by David Linn

Hi Friends and Family!

Our star patient is recovering very well from surgery. Jen is in some pain and is very tired, but overall she is doing great. She's been resting most of the day, but she did get up for 2 slow walks today with her IV.

Some of you asked about visitors. Yes, Jen is up for visitors although we all need to make sure she is getting enough rest. She is open to visitors this week at the hospital, but she is particulary interested in visitors next week when she'll likely be at home with a bit more energy and mobility.

You can reach me by email or cell phone, or you may be able to reach Jen on her cell phone. Those are better options than the room phone since it doesn't have caller ID, making it tough for me to screen your calls :)

Seriously, feel free to call either of us at any point, but I'll try to keep adding updates to this site.

- Dave