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July 16th – We Need to Stop Meeting Like This

10:30PM Posted by David Linn

Today was another stressful, but happy day in our fight against cancer.

This morning, Jen blasted a bunch of Rocky music to get in the right frame of mind. There’s nothing like “Eye of the Tiger” to start the day off right! Then, as we walked out of our apartment, Jen saw that our neighbors had posted an inspirational sign on their door that said, “WE HATE TUMORS TOO!” Jen was now definitely ready for her surgery. Thanks, Nick and Erica. The sign was perfect.

As some of you know, the surgery is not an easy thing to go through. Jen wasn’t able to eat for almost 48 hours, and she had to wait at the hospital for about 6 hours before she was brought into the operating room.

However, I’m very happy to report that the surgery went well. The doctors removed the two tumors in her abdomen area. They did not see any other areas of concern.

Jen is very tired and in quite a bit of pain, but she is doing great. She may be up for visitors tomorrow, I'm not sure. She is at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, 1275 York Ave, Room 1501A. As always, call first since rest and recovery are very important right now.

This was Jen's 3rd major surgery. Her first words after she comes out of surgery still a bit drugged-up are always very memorable. The funniest I think was after her first surgery when she said to her father, “Dad, it’s a good thing I got him to marry me when I did because now I’m damaged goods.” Today was pretty funny too. She looked up at me and said, “We need to stop meeting like this.”

Yes, we definitely do. As Jen mentioned in previous posts, there is still a long, long road ahead. However, today was definitely a good day. I know Jen is looking forward to hearing from all of you as she recovers over the next several weeks. Thanks for all your love and support!

- Dave