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July 15th – Three Times A Charm

Dave and I found out this past Thursday that I will be having my third surgery this coming Monday, July 16th. The surgery was always expected but I thought it would be later on (around September). The good news is that the chemo is working really well and the reason for the surgery being pushed up is because my surgeon is thinking that if we wait much longer, the tumors will be completely gone and he won't be able to see and "study" anything.

I told my team of Doctors that I wanted to do the most aggressive thing possible...and that is surgery.

So, overall good news but the short notice was totally unexpected! I rushed back to the office Thursday afternoon to make the most of the 1 day I had to get things set. I will likely be out of work for at least 3 weeks. My Dr's are confident that this surgery will be fairly straightforward (like the last one). I will most likely be at MSKCC for 5-7 days and then home recuperating for a few weeks.

Dave and I went out to dinner last night to celebrate the "last supper" (since they will have to remove some of my colon/digestive tract, I won't be able to eat much for a while). As opposed to a lavish meal, I opted for a big salad and LOTS OF frozen yogurt...two things that will be too harsh on my system to be eaten for a long time. The Dr's. put you on a low fat, low fiber diet for a few weeks until they are certain your system is working well.

As always, I try to find the good in things. I came up with a list of things that make the surgery tolerable for me and also provide some laughs:

  • I'll lose a few pounds - surgery is like a mandatory diet. Sometimes it's actually easier to have your stomach shut down for a week or so than to make yourself eat carrots and exercise
  • I'll be able to get a foot massage - I remember when I went through chemo, they had nurses visiting you to provide music therapy and reflexology. Once I am feeling better, I will absolutely take advantage of the "Spa" services
  • I'll brush up on my pop culture knowledge - I have already designated the bedroom TIVO to be "my TIVO" during recuperation. I have programmed all the reality TV one can possibly find. I also have stocked up on all of the trashy magazines so I will be able to have a thorough, well-researched discussion about whether Nicole Richie really is pregnant and other important news stories. It gives me comfort that I will be killing brain cells as well as cancer cells!
  • I'll try to enjoy the nice weather - my last two surgeries took place in the dead of winter (December and January). At least this time, if I am feeling better, I can go for a walk or sit outside
  • I can connect with friends and family - it is often hard to arrange time to see people. However, when you're in the hospital or recovering at home, you are not the one saying "that day doesn't work for me"

Now let's just hope "three times a charm" as opposed to "three strikes you're out!"

I welcome phone calls and visitors (just call me ahead of time to make sure I am doing OK). The best way to reach me in the hospital is to call me or Dave on our cell phones (I will most likely have a roommate and don't want to disturb them with the phone ringing all of the time).

Dave will also be a guest blogger while I am out of touch for the week and keep you posted on how I am doing.

Thanks for checking in with us!