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Heading in a Better Direction

apologize for not writing in a week or so. I find that either I am really tired and sick on days or I have some energy and am anxious to try and get out and do something. So, the good news is that the days leading up to chemo cycle #3 were more “good” than “bad”.

I took advantage and had lots of visitors. My friends Sue and Serina from college came by for a visit and my friend Pete from Boston, accompanied by our friend Tina, came by as well.

The highlight of the week was meeting Kyan, the newest member of my Harvard Business School study group. Kyan was born last month to Vishal and Kelly and since Vishal was in my study group, we are already assuming that Kyan will be following in his dad’s footsteps. What was so great about that day was that very spontaneously we were able to get a few other study group members over (Greg, Brett) and we had a mini-reunion. Kyan was very polite and chose not to pee on my couch until Greg and Brett had left. It was a riot and I am happy to know that I already have one story to embarrass Kyan with as he gets older.

The results from my first CT scan were very promising. The 3 biggest tumors that are most visible on the scan have all shrunk between 20-35%. This is very good news and we hope the trend continues. The plan is to do another two rounds of this chemotherapy and then do another scan in mid January and go from there. While the chemo is really tough to tolerate, it makes it easier to handle knowing that it looks like we are headed in a better direction than we were a few months ago.

My Cycle for Survival story of the week is a great one! Our friends Mike and Kass own a social media company called Buddy Media. They have generously made Cycle for Survival Buddy Media’s official charity and have been instrumental in helping us design our social media strategy on Facebook, Twitter etc. In addition, they have gotten over 50 employees in their company to ride and, to date, have raised close to $40,000!

It’s hard to express in words how meaningful their contribution is to me…and to the millions of patients out there who suffer from rare cancers. But, I tried to put it into words when I went to speak to their employees this past week. This is a great little video that their videographer put together that I wanted to share with you. I will put the entire speech on my website at some point down the line.

I am going to sign off for now. THANK YOU for your continued emails and letters. The last few months has been very lonely at times and it makes me feel so good to know that people are thinking of me. I wish you a restful week before the holiday madness kicks in!