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From Dave Linn – Fearlessly gearing up for Cycle for Survival

Cycle for Survival is here! This weekend, events will be held in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Long Island! And next week, it's New York, DC and Chicago! Dave already packed his bags and is on the ground ready to go for the first ever Los Angeles ride. Today, we have a special YouFearless blog post from Dave...

While I’m fired up and ready to have a fantastic 2012 season, there have certainly been moments over the past months where I’ve been challenged by fear. From stepping into the Cycle spotlight, to doing TV interviews (not as easy as Jen made it look!), or to returning to the business school campus where Jen and I met to speak about Cycle to a group of YPO members, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being somewhat fearful at times.

But each time I start to go down that road of letting fear hold me back, I think of Jen and all she went through – 6 major surgeries and more than 20 different types of chemotherapy…and she was still smiling the entire way.  Then I think about the hundreds of other incredible patients I’ve met through Cycle – to just name a few: Alyssa, Corrie, Emma, Ethan, Jason, Jenny, Lauren, Mark, Matt, Meira, Mona, Paul, Perry, Stacey, Sydney, and so many others.  And I remind myself that if Jen and all of them can be fearless, then I can be fearless too.  

So, as we approach the first Cycle events without Jen, I will embrace everything that she stood for and fearlessly walk into each of the Equinox clubs.  I know that if we all keep working together, we will make Jen proud and help find new treatment options for millions of rare cancer patients.   

Here’s to an amazing, exciting, FEARLESS, and hopeful Cycle 2012…I can’t wait to ride with you!

-Dave Linn 

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