Jennifer Goodman Linn You Fearless

February 20, 2007 – “When you See a Chance you Take It”

So, on to the good news...when it rains it pours! Right after I found out about my cancer, I got a really exciting job opportunity that I did not want to pass up. Ordinary people would never think about switching jobs right after they found out they had a cancer relapse but I decided long ago that I am not ordinary! I approached my prospective boss and explained my situation to her (and the company). It was a great litmus test to see how comfortable I would feel in the company and how supportive they were of employees in general when challenges arose. The great news is that they could not have been more willing to help me through my "condition". After I heard their response, I decided to accept. So, as of April 16th, I will be starting as the VP, Marketing for Ann Taylor Corp. I will be overseeing both the Ann Taylor and Loft brands and basically be in charge of helping the company "present" themselves to the public. I am thrilled by the opportunities that this job promises (not to mention the great discounts!). For those of you who know me well, this is a real dream job. Not only is it a meaty marketing role (and I love marketing!) but it is with a company with which I have a strong affinity. About half of my wardrobe is Ann Taylor or Loft so dressing for the interview was so easy! My mother-in-law jokingly said that she wanted to write a letter of recommendation for me because every year for my birthday or for Chanukah she buys me something from their stores because she knows I will love it. Another exciting thing about this job offer is that it really helps me to focus on the positive. When faced with the question of whether or not I should jump into the "unknown" when I am just beginning another round of treatment, I realized something very important. I strongly believe that the reason I have handled my diagnosis and my treatments over the past 2.5 years so well is because I have not let cancer "own" me. I have no regrets. Sure, I've missed a short vacation here or there and sometimes I chose not to go to a specific social event. However, I really have no reason to hate cancer because it hasn't prevented me for doing anything I really want to do. I realized at this "cross roads" that if I did not accept this dream job, I would view cancer as an obstacle and as something that has created a barrier towards helping me achieve what I want. This would definitely affect my positive attitude and give me a real reason to hate this disease. For me, I'd rather continue to live life the way I want to and make cancer "fit in" versus the other way around. I don't start until mid April so I have 3 weeks to relax and just "enjoy". Dave and I are traveling to Florida with the Linns for his parents' 40th anniversary and I have lots of plans to connect with old friends etc. Stay tuned for more!