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Even the Bunny has “low energy” Days

I am sorry that I have not written sooner but it has been a very tough week for me.

I started the new medical trial on Tuesday and it has really wiped me out. To be honest, I can’t tell if it is the chemo or the fact that I am still very much recovering from surgery but I am very zonked.

I have been sleeping a ton and trying to take short walks and eat to get my energy back. I am hoping that the more I recover from surgery, and the more my body gets used to this new chemo, I will start feeling a bit better.

It’s hard to hold the Energizer Bunny down but this week I have been a bit of the “anti-bunny”. Dave joked around that he was going to take a video of me snoring in bed all day and send it to the Energizer folks telling them that my win was a big hoax!

The highlight of the week was that my parents got to accept the award on my behalf at the induction ceremony in St. Louis. I was really glad that they could attend the ceremony and be pampered for the weekend. Check out the great photos and here is a video of the ceremony.

I was patched in remotely which was pretty cool. I will write again as soon as I am feeling a bit better.