Jennifer Goodman Linn You Fearless

Closing out 2010


Hi everyone,

I had NO IDEA my readership is so fashion savvy!   I must say that I received SO MANY emails about how you all loved the fantastic red heels that I wore during my Buddy Media speech. Well, thank you, and what makes them even cooler is that they are HOT PINK (I took a close-up picture so you could enjoy them in all their glory). 

And what's great is that I ALSO have bright red heels - they are fabulous as well. 

This week has been OK. Ironically, I have been handling the chemo pretty well but I got this nasty bacterial/fungal infection which really set me back. I am on some seriously strong drugs right now and am starting to feel a bit better. The good news is that my blood work came back strong one week post chemo cycle 3 which means I don't need a blood transfusion this time around. I do love them because they give me energy but I am thrilled that my body is getting a bit stronger and able to produce enough energy on its own.

In other exciting cancer news, my doctor wants me to eat a minimum of 2500 calories a day so I gain some weight.  What?!? Do you know how hard that is when your stomach has shrunk and the chemo takes away a lot of your taste buds?  Nothing looks good to me and it's hard to eat too much at any one time.

Thank you to everyone who has tried to plump me up (Rachel and Farrah's brownies are the bomb!)  And thank you to old faithful, Graeter's Ice-Cream in Cincinnati.  For those of you who have never had this treat, you are missing out.  BEST ice-cream in the world and they ship to your home.  Dave and I ordered a few pints last month and I am slowly but surely getting through them.

In wonderful Cycle for Survival news, we are almost at the $1MM mark!  Wahoo!  The wonderful Cycle for Survival team sent me the ultimate gift - a Cycle for Survival SNUGGIE!  How great is that?  I sit in my reclining chair and use it all the time  - it is such a great gift.


I wanted to share another truly beautiful Cycle for Survival story.  My parents have led a Cycle team for the last 4 years called Jen and Dave's Funky, Feisty Family Fighters.  I told them that this year I was "raising the bar" and wanted them to have costumes of some sort.  My mom immediately set out to find boxing robes and gloves that they could wear for Cycle for Survival 2011.

Not only did she find a company, Title Boxing in Kansas City, that donated the robes to her, she found a company that has a HUGE heart.  When my mother shared my story with them, they were so moved that they all started reading my blog.  In the mail the other day I received a GORGEOUS boxing robe with inspirational messages from every employee at the company.  What a beautiful company.  I am so touched by their thoughtfulness.  

Having the support of so many people behind me really keeps me going during some of the tough times.

My dear friend Jeanne, captain of Team Jenesis, sent me the most beautiful holiday card.  An avid reader of my blog, she decided to sum up her favorite takeaways from all of my journal entries from this past year.  I share it with you as a  "good read" as we are all thinking about what to make of 2011.  Perhaps reviewing Jeanne's thoughts will help you set your intentions and priorities for 2011.


Jen and Dave’s Favorite Things 2010

(there is no dollar amount as they are all priceless):


  • Focus on positive conversations - we spend too much of the day focusing on the negative.
  • Life is too short. Express gratitude every day for big or small things.
  • Appreciate all the good you have in your life.
  • Day by day you will find your way.
  • Give blood.
  • Workout. And when you get zonked and sweaty and want to give up, realize how wonderful it is that you have the ability to choose whether you workout or not.
  • Don’t ask what you can do, just do!
  • Live in the moment.
  • You can only appreciate the highest of highs if you experience the lowest of lows. 
  • Find a purpose and mission.
  • Be a living role model. 
  • Meditate.
  • Learn from failure and be bigger and better than ever.
  • Prioritize your health AND live the life you want.
  • Refocus priorities.
  • Commit to a cause – Support Cycle.

And I will add an additional piece of wisdom as the "cherry on top" to Jeanne's Sundae - don't forget to laugh and have fun.  To show that I try my best to live up to this, I made a video that is sure to put a smile on your face.  My doctors told me that I should try to walk for a few minutes a few times a day. Well, it's really cold outside and the hallways of my building get boring so I decided to dance instead.  What a tough workout!  Enjoy this video.

This video also captures "live in the moment".  When I filmed it I was feeling great.  What you don't see is that a few hours after this video I came down with bad chills and sweats and spent the next 24 hours in bed.  So, seize the moment!  You never know what's going to happen next.

In other very exciting news, I am officially an author!  Go check out the February issue of Whole Living Magazine on newsstands now (has glasses of juice on the cover).  My feature article is on pp. 104-107. I will make sure to post it in the next few weeks on the blog.  I am very proud of this piece.  It's called, Make this Your year of Living Fearlessly….Don't let Anything Stop You from Taking the Plunge.  And, for the record,  I am not one of the ladies who is naked jumping from a cliff in the opening picture!

Before I sign off, I have a request of you.  I have a good friend Greg who isn't feeling very well these days.  He is very special to me and I am hoping and praying that the Doctors can help him find a treatment option that works.  Please include him in your thoughts over the holidays.

I wish everyone a happy holiday.  I actually have chemotherapy on New Year's Eve. I feel like it is a symbolic welcoming of 2011.  I will write about that in my next blog entry -- the orientation we bring to situations makes all the difference.