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Chicago is My Kind of Town!

Dave and I just got home from the 2nd annual Cycle for Survival in Chicago and it surpassed all expectations!

The energy and inspiration in the room was palpable! A sincere thank you to the fantastic MSKCC and Equinox Teams who worked so hard to make the event a success . And a shout out to Lead Dog, our fantastic event agency responsible for making things run so smoothly.

I always say to people, it's hard to explain the magic of the just have to come and see it and you will be sold! So, rather than talk a lot about it, I thought I would explain in pictures and videos.

So check out some of my favorite pictures above and feel free to watch the below videos.

I have included 4 that I love:

  1. The Day Before Walk-Thru (you won't believe how we transform the gym for the day of the event)
  2. The Dance Party that occurred during one of the cycling sessions - people were having a great time!
  3. Some fun choreography that went on during the last hour of the day thanks to Tina Turner
  4. The Check Ceremony - it's about 15 minutes long but very inspiring (esp. 4-year old Emma who is a survivor!)
  5. More great choreography!

ENJOY! The best part of all of this is that I get to experience it again in Long Island and NY this coming weekend and in San Francisco in early March.  It's like a month-long birthday party for me!

Now, I am going back to sleep...I am exhausted but happyyes

Untitled from Giving to MSKCC on Vimeo.