Jennifer Goodman Linn You Fearless

Back To My Old Self (almost)

I am feeling so, so great after getting back from a really relaxing week in Puerto Rico. Dave and I definitely needed some R&R; after all of the craziness of Spin4Survival. The hotel was gorgeous and the weather was truly beautiful. Dave and I used the week to really get back in shape. We slept a lot, ate very healthy (except for a few Pina Coladas!) and exercised every day for a few hours. I found that the heat really, really helped my joints. I absolutely love swimming as it has really helped my flexibility. The cumulative effect of the chemotherapy has made me very stiff and "tight". I find that swimming is great for relaxing my muscles. Every morning or evening, I swam in the hotel's lap pool for an hour and I loved it. As many of you remember, I was getting very dehydrated and swollen from the weekly treatments I have been receiving (thanks to all of you who commented on the chutzpah I displayed for posting the picture of my swollen legs :) . I noticed that by mid-week I was able to "sweat" regularly and that I had lost a lot of the water weight I had gained. As a result, I had a ton more energy which was great! I was a bit concerned that the stiffness and bloatedness would return when we got back to NYC but so far so good! I haven't needed any energy shots and my workouts have been great. I feel like my old self. Let's hope it lasts. In other important news, I started my new job this past week and I couldn't be more excited about it! I am the Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing of Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids & Family Group. On my first day of work they took this corporate head shot and released a formal press release to announce what I will be doing. Here are some excerpts: "Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids and Family Group has named Jennifer Goodman Linn to the position of Senior Vice President (SVP) of Brand Strategy and Marketing . The announcement was made by Pam Kaufman, Chief Marketing Officer, Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids and Family Group, to whom Ms. Linn will report. Ms. Linn is responsible for implementing both short- and long-term strategies to promote Nickelodeon properties and overall company initiatives. She will also oversee the planning, marketing and advertising for various Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids and Family Group brands and properties including SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, The Naked Brothers Band, and iCarly, among others.

“Jennifer comes from a background of developing long-term, strategic plans for some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies,” said Ms. Kaufman. “As we continue to evolve our business and reach new audiences, Jennifer will be a huge asset in making sure we have consistent marketing messages across all our platforms.”

Ms. Linn will serve as a central representative of Nickelodeon’s brand positioning to develop a long-term brand vision, and ensure that it is carried out and communicated across all the company’s lines of business. She will also provide creative direction for all on- and off-channel promotions marketing efforts and spearhead the company’s multicultural marketing. Ms. Linn will also oversee the advertising process – from creative production, to media placement – for the several Nickelodeon divisions including consumer products; affiliate marketing; recreation; digital; and magazine groups. "

I am looking forward to spending my days contemplating the future of Sponge Bob and Dora the Explorer! I am also looking forward to seeing how all of my friends kiss my butt so that I get stuff for their kids :) The first week has been great with the biggest challenge figuring out what color I want to have my office painted. I am thinking of a lavender intellectual yet calming color!